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Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke a tiny Island and it is just about 8 square kilometers in area and it has about three miles of main land. Incidentally, this is the smallest of the four major Islands of British Virginia. This tiny Island with a population of about 300 has become one of the most preferred tourist spots. The island is blessed with immaculate natural beauty and most entertaining sunny weather. This mountainous Island is believed to be of volcanic origin. The island is blessed with a mountain which is about 320 meters from the sea level. The Island is also popular for its rich vegetation surrounding the mountain and across the beaches.

Various places of tourist interest: Obviously, tourism has been a major industry in this Island. Interestingly, the island also has few places of tourist interest. In order to reach Jost Van Dyke you will have to take either a private boat or ferry service from Saint Thomas or Tortola. Once you reach the port called as ‘Great Harbor’ in Jost Van Dyke you can hire local taxi for moving around the island. In fact, most of the places like the market and other public utility services are located within walking distance. Interestingly, the island has few schools run by the Government. However, students go to the nearby island for higher studies. For the benefit of such students ferry services have been provided. Now take look at some of the places of tourist interest in Jost Van Dyke.

White bay: True to its name, White bay is spotless clean and you will be mesmerized with its flawless clean blue water. This is one of the hygienically maintained island and most of the tourists make it a point to visit this island. You find several beach bars where you get exclusive varieties of local drinks as also continental and traditional recipes of Jost Van Dyle. If you have fascination for water sports like swimming and snorkeling, then perhaps this island could be first choice. You also find few parks and there are interesting reefs along the coast. If you want to spend your holiday on this beach, you can also look for accommodation in some of the hotels and villas along the coast of White bay.

Jost Van Dyke Scuba: If you have quest for diving, water sports, scuba, boating then you should visit this ScubaCentre. The scuba agency will take you on eco tour accompanied by experienced tourist guides. It would be a wonderful experience to explore the undisputed underwater beauty. The agency will follow all the safety norms as per the prescribed standards.

Soggy Dollar Bar: True to its name, this bar is not connected by a road. At the same, you do not find any place to dock your boat. Yet, most of the tourists make it a point to visit this wonderful bar. Of course, considering the inconvenience caused to the tourists a temporary road has been built. But, even to this day there is no dock to park your boat. If you want to enjoy the popular drink ‘Painkiller’ or any of the other drinks of your choice, you will have to swim to the beach and pay the wet money after the drink. In fact, this has been the common practice in this bar. Incidentally, this beach is said to be the birthplace for the popular drink ‘Painkiller’. The bar also serves delicious continental food and you enjoy every moment of your stay in this beach.

The Bubbly Pool: Again, true to its name this natural ‘Bubbly’ pool will make you cheerful with its undisputed crystal clear water. You will be fascinated with the waves looking like a big wall that makes you roll over. The pool has attractive rocky formation also. The authorities have marked certain places in the pool as safe area for the tourists to enjoy their water sports. You also find few bars and restaurants just across the pool where you can relish yourself with mouthwatering cuisines and enchanting drinks.

Guava Beery Farm: This is the most fascinating botanical garden of Jost Van Dyke Island. As a matter of fact, this is the only Botanical Garden that you find on this island. The farm has modest entrance fee. There are separate activities available for young and aged tourists. You can also enjoy pleasant music performance from some of the featured artists. You can walk along the impressive garden and in the background of ever smiling nature around the farm. The authorities of the farm also conduct few interesting contests and you can take part in the contest and win attractive prizes. There is also a restaurant and you can enjoy some of the featured recipes. You may browse to know the various programs listed for the week.

Foxy’s bar: As you enter the box, you will get warm greeting from Foxy, the owner of the bar. He would greet you with impromptu song that suit the occasion. This extempore song is accompanied by calypso beat. You will certainly enjoy the mesmerizing voice of Foxy. As you enter the bar, you will be fascinated with the entertaining environment and the ever smiling waiters who will serve you various drinks and most delicious food. You will also be entertained with light music and you will carry with you the sweet memories of the hospitality of the bar attendants and of course of Foxy’s. The service charges at the bar are considerably reasonable.

One love bar: As a matter of fact, some of the movies and music videos have been filmed in the Jost Van Dyke Island. In addition to these places, you may also visit One Love Bar where you can mix your own drinks and enjoy the unique taste of it. Interestingly, as per the practice prevalent in the bar, you may leave the payment on the register.

Accommodation: These bars and restaurants are known for their hygienic environment. There are many hotels and Villas which offer you comfortable accommodation at reasonable rental. Considering the number of tourists visiting this island, it is advisable that you should book your accommodation well in advance. You may book the accommodation either through an authorized travel agent or through online booking.