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The Jost Van Dykes (BVI) Preservation Society (JVDPS) is a British Virgin Islands non-profit corporation founded by concerned residents and dedicated to the preservation of the island of Jost Van Dyke—its land, the surrounding sea, its living creatures, and its culture—through conservation, cultivation, education, and research.  The Society endeavours to protect key elements of Jost Van Dyke’s culture and environment for future generations to see, to feel, and to understand.  Besides local fund-raising, the Society receives support from a U.S. non-profit organization, named the Jost van Dyke Preservation Society, Inc. of the State of Maryland, founded to attract donations from U.S. taxpayers who comprise a high percentage of the visitors to the island.

The Society has an office in Great Harbour and a full-time Projects Manager, Susan Zaluski, who manages the projects, seeks opportunities for new projects and education, and organises public relations and fund-raising locally.  She can be reached at (284) 540-0861 or susan@jvdps.org.

The Society was the inspiration of Foxy Callwood and friends back in the early 1990's who were already concerned about the community and the impacts of growth and development on the island.  Today the Board of the Society includes Foxy and Tessa Callwood, Beverly Washburn Martin, and Bruce Donath.

We are also fortunate that a few friends of the island have formed a sister organization in the U.S. named the "Jost van Dyke Preservation Society, Inc."  It's primary purpose as a non-profit is to raise funds from interested individuals and foundations to fund grants for projects on Jost van